Is GLOW losing it’s, uh…. Is GLOW beginning to fade?

I wish this image had Carmen front and center. She really is the heart of the group.

Full disclosure: I was a pro-wrestling fan for about 12 years of my life — from about 1993 to 2005. Shortly after I got into wrestling, I got into the internet (AOL) and found myself reading about the world of wrestling outside of the ring. Not only was there fun action and drama in the ring, but there was plenty outside of the ring as well. The younger version of me found it entertaining that there was politicking and power games in the wrestling offices, and I played right into the hands of the “Monday Night Wars.” The wrestling business was a trip. Continue reading “Is GLOW losing it’s, uh…. Is GLOW beginning to fade?”

Spider-Man PS4 is Tedious

I love the comic book suit, but it stands out sooo much.

“The story is the best part,” is something that I personally don’t like saying as a compliment about video games. Yes, I am someone who values a good story, but that’s not something that should be valued most in a video game. The game play is the thing. And despite the fact that there is a surprisingly well written Spider-Man story that incorporates so many villains into a fairly coherent plot, most of the time the player spends in Spider-Man (PS4) is in all of the other stuff.

The other stuff is traversing the city and combat. Continue reading “Spider-Man PS4 is Tedious”

Does Veronica Mars transition well into adulthood?

Remember in the original series when Veronica wasn’t supposed to be in places like this?

It’s a shame that the focus the show Veronica Mars has received over the past couple of weeks has been on a moment in the final episode in the new limited series. It was unexpected and perhaps a bit too much even for people who weren’t fans of that particular character, but it was only a thin sliver of season 4. As a long time fan, I have to say that Veronica Mars has never been about moments. It has always been about a bigger picture. A bigger mystery. A season rather than an episode. And the darker world the protagonist discover beneath the sunny vail of Neptune, California. Continue reading “Does Veronica Mars transition well into adulthood?”

Tuca & Bertie forever

There was something remarkable about Netflix’s initial announcement of Tuca & Bertie. It wasn’t simply that it was releasing a surrealist cartoon upon on the world. It was that they were releasing an animated series made both for and by adult women. This is something you don’t get in this world of Rick and Morty and Bojack Horseman. Even though women appreciate animation just as much as men, they don’t get cartoons made for them. At best they get shows directed toward a younger crowd that might have themes that speak to them — like Stephen Universe or She-Ra. Continue reading “Tuca & Bertie forever”

What I’m currently watching/playing

This blog was not created so that I could write for writing’s sake. It’s true that it is in part a regular exercise just to keep me writing regulary, but I want to provide some sort of content. Unfortunately, since I’m largely a consumer of series, games, and books, I’m not always ready to say something. So let me share with you what I’m currently working my way through Continue reading “What I’m currently watching/playing”

In the face of optimism flies Now and Then, Here and There

Now and Then, Here and There is a late 90’s anime classic that viewers are quick to forget. It is not forgotten due to forgettable content but rather due to the impact of the content itself. NaTHaT predates the isekai fad while predicting the shortcomings of the fad. In modern isekai, it appears that the protagonist is uniquely adept in some way at surviving the world in which he (usually a male protagonist) has found himself. This series sees that possibility and walks the other way. This is the world of the apocalypse, and there is no telling who will survive. Continue reading “In the face of optimism flies Now and Then, Here and There”

Aggretsuko’s Rage toward Progression

The cute anthropomorphic animal characters of Aggretsuko make the series instantly disarming to viewers. After all, Sanrio, the creators of the series as well as behind the internationally cherished character Hello Kitty, have decades of dealing in cute under their belts and ready to share with the world. When Aggretsuko, a series about office worker red panda named Retsuko who channels her everyday anger into rage metal karaoke, was announced for Netflix over a year ago, it was hard to tell what they could do with the series and what it would ultimately mean. Continue reading “Aggretsuko’s Rage toward Progression”