Gundam NT leans – and falls over

It’s funny how I’ve written about how Dragon Ball Super: Broly has managed to succeed by leaning into, essentially, the Dragon Ballness of Dragon Ball but now find myself criticizing Gundam NT for attempting to tap into the Gundamness of the Gundam franchise. It’s about understanding what works and what doesn’t. It’s about understanding what fans actually enjoy and what doesn’t – despite the fact that some writers might want to go in that direction.
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Why is Double Dragon IV so bad?

The acquisition of Technos Japan’s IP by Arc System Works was a move celebrated by fans of brawler games. After all, that meant that Double Dragon and River City Ransom were now in the hands of the developer of the Guilty Gear series and Dragon Ball FighterZ – the current (as of February 2019) most popular fighting game out there. This was meant to be a perfect marriage.

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It’s pretty clear that director Peter Yates wasn’t setting out to make a cult classic, but in retrospect Krull has all the makings of one. It’s a 1980’s film that blends together fantasy with some scifi aesthetics. The story is unfocused and could have been finished in half the running time. It’s also pretty forgettable after one viewing.

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