Media Adjacent Consumption

If you have not noticed, the stories in the media tend to serve us the same tropes over and over again. There are no original stories, but the packaging we’re served can be quite amusing. This isn’t a bad thing. If you go back to ancient traditions, stories were meant to circle the same intentional lessons – but it was the storytellers who were most important in bringing them to life and keeping people interested. That part seems to be the problem these days. It’s why I’ve come to enjoy being what I call “media adjacent.” It’s become much more enjoyable watching how other people talk about media. Continue reading “Media Adjacent Consumption”

Avengers: Endgame – Another Selfish Iron Man Story

For many, it seems the emotional climax of Avengers: Endgame was the sacrifice of Tony Stark when he snaps his fingers to send away the time-displaced Thanos and crew. This was his sendoff as the big damn hero of the Marvel films. While fans still get weepy about their moneyed power fantasy benevolent rich white guy character, I look back on it and realize that he absolutely needed to go. His selfishness caused the whole mess and allows for further problems to come. Continue reading “Avengers: Endgame – Another Selfish Iron Man Story”