Badass mech fights and the horrors of war? Gundam and its poor messaging


Credit to u/Rodrigs99

It’s the 40th anniversary of the original¬†Mobile Suit Gundam series. A user on Reddit celebrated by posting the above image that he created. It sparked a realization in me: the messaging in the majority of Gundam series is ineffective. The stories are generally fine and each series is enjoyable in its own, but the yarn it tries to spin about the horrors of war just doesn’t work.

Reddit user Rodrigs99 unintentionally makes the point in the sentence on the bottom by so easily mentioning both the “badass mech fights” and “horrors of war” at the same time. The explicit message the story tries to tell is that war is hell, ruining everything that it touches. On the other hand, it glorifies the violence. There are good and bad people on both sides of the war, but our heroes are big damn heroes engaging in big damn violence that is entertaining as all hell. If war is hell, it’s also a hell of a war. Continue reading “Badass mech fights and the horrors of war? Gundam and its poor messaging”